Belize flag colors symbolism
    Belize flag colors meaning

    Blue represents the People's United Party (PUP), which led the nation to independence.
    Red stands for the United Democratic Party (UDP), a national party of Belize
    Belize Coat of Arms on the flag
    Belize flag
    Belize flag symbolism
    The coat of arms features a shield flanked by two men - a mestizo (a person of mixed indigenous and European descent) and a mulatto (a person of mixed African and European descent) - in front of a mahogany tree. The man on the left (mestizo) is holding an axe, while the one on the right (mulatto) is holding an oar, representing the logging and boat-building industries of Belize. The shield is divided into three sections—a paddle and a maul crossed on a white background, a two-handed saw and an ax crossed on dark yellow, and a ship sailing over waves on blue. These are symbolic of the importance of mahogany in the Belizean history. At the bottom, on a scroll, is the national motto: SUB UMBRA FLOREO ("Under the shade I flourish"). All these are encircled by a green garland of 50 mahogany leaves. The 50 leaves stand for the year 1950, when the first opposition to British rule began.
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    Belize flag

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